The Power of Audio Branding

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Have you noticed how our world has become visually richer since the growth of media and the social media explosion? Alongside this, we’re experiencing more diverse audio touchpoints than ever before.

Making An Impact With A Boarding Video

Stellar Entertainment recently collaborated with China Airlines to produce a customised boarding video to warmly welcome passengers onboard in a unique way.

Stellar provide REX with original boarding music and PRAMs

Stellar BGM on Rex

Rex has selected Stellar Entertainment to supply boarding music and PRAMs for the airline’s expanding operations. At the start of March 2021, Rex rolled out its brand-new boarding music, crafted in-house by Stellar’s own production studio.

Stellar Boarding Music Boosts Virgin Australia Brand

Passengers travelling on Virgin Australia and VARA will now hear customised boarding music written by Stellar Entertainment’s in-house composer, Luke Mason, replacing the commercially available music playlists previously played onboard the airlines for years.

Milestone for Stellar Kuala Lumpur

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Stellar’s IFE hub in Malaysia. We look back at the humble beginnings and how it became a state-of-the-art operation and a cornerstone of Stellar’s inflight services that it is today.

Bespoke Boarding Music With A Malaysian Flavour

Travellers flying on Malaysia’s national carrier will sense a more distinctive Malaysian ambience when boarding their flight.  Malaysia Airlines has introduced exclusive boarding music, customised for the airline by Stellar Entertainment, a leading and award-winning inflight entertainment specialist.

Music Focus: N.Y.C.K.

A listener once likened their music to “watching the sunset and eating hot chippies at the beach.” Beautiful harmonies and soulful melodies wrapped around candid lyrics pouring out the rawness of life and love. This is how Nick Acquroff and Dominique Garrard managed to earn themselves a memorable debut across Australia in 2016 with their breakout single ‘Decision’ which was followed by their debut EP ‘Alive’ and a string of performances nationwide. 

Bringing Audio Drama To Life

Stellar Studios in Sydney was dripping in drama recently after being chosen by Audible to produce their very first Australian original audio drama. Audible by Amazon, which prides itself on having the world’s largest library of audiobooks, has commenced the production of ‘Audible Originals’, exclusive audio drama titles penned by renowned storytellers.

Music Focus: The Venopian Solitude

The Venopian Solitude has been setting tongues wagging with their eclectic brand of music ranging from indie and folk to hip hop and sometimes plain whacky. The Malaysian founder goes by the moniker Suiko Takahara, an enigmatic female singer-songwriter whose numerous bedroom YouTube recordings gained her attention in the music industry. From a one-woman show, the act evolved into a full-fledged band which earned three local music award nominations in 2014 and they have since performed in various countries as far flung as Canada.