Royal Brunei Airlines Reaches 1000 Entertainment Options

Stellar Entertainment was selected by Royal Brunei airlines to licence, curate and deliver their inflight entertainment at the beginning of 2018. Since taking on the account, we have worked closely with the Royal Brunei inflight team to increase the entertainment options on-board for passengers. Working within strict budgetary, hardware and cultural boundaries, we reached 1,000 entertainment options onboard within 6 months.

Since the increase, Royal Brunei have received positive feedback from passengers who were happy to be pampered with so much choice in the air, even on short haul flights such as between Brunei and Singapore.

“The overall strategy for the Royal Brunei account is simple – to have content for everyone onboard,” says Elsyln Lua, Director, Client Service. “Royal Brunei has incredibly diverse passenger demographics, and we have to ensure that entertainment programming choices and availability reflect this.”